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Hone your marketing skills as an Associate Product Marketing Manager, and help us make the world more open and connected.

The program

The Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) program is a two year exploration of product marketing at Facebook. You’ll gain a breadth of experience across products and audiences through two rotations, each one year long.

Life of an APMM

Life of an APMM

We connect people with our products from the earliest stages of product development through launch and beyond. You’ll work with research, design, engineering and others to build and test products around the world, and define their go-to-market strategy.

The people

The people

APMMs come from diverse backgrounds including economics, computer science, psychology, and more. Beyond previous experiences, we look for individuals who are passionate about building and delivering great products to Facebook’s global community.

Our community

Our community

Relationships and mentorship are core to the APMM experience. APMMs frequently come together with their class and others in Product Marketing for training, socials, and events.

After your first rotation, your class will embark on a Global Trek, a dedicated research trip to a set of countries determined by the group. Previous APMMs have roamed all over the world, from Brazil to Tokyo to Thailand. This is a great opportunity to learn about new markets and connect with your cohort.

Get to know us


Protect & Care

“My first year in the program, I worked closely with my product team to launch suicide prevention tools, and help market a product with the purpose of helping people in need. The unique opportunity to lead such high impact initiatives makes the APMM program a fulfilling post-grad experience.”



“From core product marketing skills to crisis management, every day has been saturated with opportunity for learning, leading and growth. Mentorship has been key for me in this pivotal period at the beginning of my career, and Facebook’s team of first class marketers continue to invest in honing my skill set, guiding my development, and deepening my industry knowledge.”



“Being an APMM at Facebook helped me hone my softer skills — effectively leading big meetings, getting alignment on product decisions, managing up, and mediating conflict.”

Life after APMM

Following the program, APMMs are well prepared for a career in technology. Our alumni have gone on to become product marketing leaders at Facebook, or transition into other functional roles at Facebook and beyond.


What is the APMM Program?

The APMM Program is a two year program for new grads to experience what product marketing means at Facebook. They take on a breadth of marketing projects across two 1-year rotations on different product teams and have opportunities for mentorship, growth, and a Global Trek research trip.

Who can apply to the program?

We’re looking for a diverse group of creative individuals with a passion for technology and marketing. Current APMMs come from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from psychology to philosophy to economics and more.

How do I apply?

You can apply through university recruiting if you are currently an undergraduate, or visit our careers page and submit your application in the fall prior to your graduation.

What are some teams APMMs have joined in the past and how are rotations determined?

APMMs have joined teams facing a diverse set of audiences. Some examples include: Developer Platform, Pages, Groups, News Feed, Messenger, and Internet.org. Rotations are generally set based on business need and personal preference.

How is Product Marketing at Facebook different from that at other companies?

Facebook operates at enormous scale — our products touch billions of people around the world. APMMs have opportunities to create meaningful impact through their projects with support from their peers and leaders across the company.

What types of mentorship and development opportunities are available for APMMs in the program?

Facebook offers internal classes and trainings dedicated to APMMs, as well as a robust mentorship program designed to help individuals grow in their careers. Mentors are assigned long before APMMs start at Facebook, so there is direct support from the get go. Throughout the two years of the program, there are also events, socials, and internal and external speaker panels which all create a well rounded learning experience.

What happens at the end of the program?

The APMM program is two years, and at the end of their second rotation, APMMs will have the option to remain in their second team, or take on a final rotation in a different team. Most alumni have gone on to become Product Marketing Managers at Facebook, while others have opted to transition into other roles at Facebook and beyond.

Start your journey

Applications for the program are closed for the class of 2018, please check back in August, 2018 to apply for the 2019 class. You can also browse our Careers site for other opportunities at Facebook!

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